Pharrell's Grammy Hat Pwns the Internet

Sure, the 56th Annual Grammy Awards had the usual run of weird gowns, pricey jewels, and the odd clown mask, but the runaway winner of the red carpet was a certain chapeau.

Later in the show, yet another example of fine headwear took center stage. During his performance with Daft Punk, Pharrell sported a second Smokey the Bear-esque hat that was just as massive as its predecesor. But of course as soon as he was done, he changed back into the lid that started it all.

After some digging, we discovered that the questionable hat is a vintage Vivienne Westwood hat from her 1982/3 Fall/Winter wild West-themed collection:

Turns out that Pharrell drew sartorial inspiration from a classic hip-hop video entitled "Buffalo Girls." The 1982 clip by Malcolm McLaren and the World's Famous Supreme Team features some artful breakdancing moves and of course, plenty of those famous hats in question.

But yes, Grammy winner Pharrell Williams and his ginormous mangled Mountie-style campaign hat have conquered the Internet. Aside from the predictable Twitter handles (there are at least five Pharrell Hats tweeting with 10,000 followers among them!), here's a sampling of the hat hilarity: