Nicki Minaj Dares You Not to Stare as Bootyful 'Anaconda' Video Explodes Online


You thought the bottom-baring thong bikini Nicki Minaj sports on the cover art for her racy new song, "Anaconda," was a bit much? Turns out that was tame compared to the salacious video the rap star released Wednesday, which has sparked an online frenzy.

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The four-minute, 49-second clip has prompted two trending topics on Twitter (#Anaconda, #AnacondaVideoOnVevo), a top-ranked search term on Google News, and generated 5.8 million plays on Nicki's YouTube channel.

WARNING: The video below contains explicit content:

While the lyrics celebrate Nicki's various romantic flings, the video finds her enjoying a girls' jungle retreat of sorts. Nicki and her scantily clad video vixens exhibit their finest rump-shaking, gentleman's club moves in different scenarios — in a forest, inside a hut, during a fitness class, and in a Martha Stewart-esque cooking demonstration.

Nicki keeps things lighthearted, intermixing completely random couture photo shoot scenes, and a lap dance segment with Drake, her fellow pop star and labelmate who years ago revealed that he had a crush on her.


Nicki teases Drake, gyrating and brushing against him as he struggles to resist her advances. When the show is over, Drake appears crushed, bowing his head into his hands, probably wishing someone would name him in an ALS Ice Bucket challenge to cool him off.

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Appropriately enough, the track's chorus samples the early 1990s booty-shaking Sir-Mix-A-Lot hit "Baby Got Back," which led to a shout-out by the rapper:

Sir Mix-A-Lot wasn't alone as Twitter blew up with fans singing Nicki's praises:

Meanwhile, the conservative watchdog Parents Television Council is concerned about Nicki's appearance on the Video Music Awards Sunday. According to a spokesperson for the organization, "If her performance at the VMAs is anything like her new video, then the show must be rated TV-MA."

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