Neil Young Shares Thoughts on Where Music's Heading Now

·Writer, Yahoo Entertainment
Neil Young on Pono, His New Album and Using LPs as Roof Shingles

"Musicians are starved and music is under duress": So says none other than musical legend Neil Young, who claims himself to be "just another musician."

The latter fact is debatable -- Young, of course, has a pedigree which includes not one but two nominations into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame -- but the former is annually up for debate, given that Young is speaking at one of the country's biggest yearly music festivals, offering up artists who have yet to even have an idea of the scope Young and others on his musical level have brought to rock history.

In this exclusive interview, shot during his time at South By Southwest 2014, the icon discusses with Yahoo Music a variety of musician's-musician topics, including the debate about the analog vs. digital format, his opinion of the music business and record labels (which may surprise you), some of his most-loved hits, starting a business using the new format of Kickstarter, and the elusive "echo" that he says has all but disappeared from music.