Music Again: Adam Lambert Revisits the Darkness Catalog for Epic ‘Glee’ Performance

More than four years after Adam Lambert recorded one of his finest tracks — the effervescent electro-rocker "Music Again," penned by famously catsuited Darkness frontman and all-around rock god Justin Hawkins — he has forged another glittering connection to the hard-charging pop-metal band, grandly performing the Darkness's "I Believe in a Thing Called Love" for "Glee."

And "Glee" has never been more glam.

While the Darkness duet between Adam's character, Elliott "Starchild" Gilbert, and "Glee" regular Chris Colfer's Kurt Hummel won't air on Fox until Tuesday's "Frenemies" episode, awesome audio of the long-rumored pairing has finally hit the Interweb. And, yes, it's just about as epic as one might imagine.

If there are any two singers who can reach the stratospheric octaves and dog-whistle falsettos in any Justin Hawkins song, it's Adam and Chris, after all. And their version of the Darkness's 2003 hit will have everyone believing in a thing called Pamela Lansbury, their (sadly) fictional band.

Adam and Chris's "I Believe in a Thing Called Love" duet will apparently take place in a NYC guitar shop and will feature some boy-vs.-boy stripper-pole action. Of course it will. But we'll all have to wait till Tuesday for that bit of "Glee" glamtasticness. Until then, listen to the full audio above and enjoy a virtual reunion of what I have always fondly dubbed "Lambskins," and click below for an acoustic performance of the iconic song by the recently reunited Darkness in the Yahoo Music studio:

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