Mariah's Ridiculously Expensive Glam Squad Fees Revealed in Lawsuit Between Photographer and Label

Mariah Carey can't seem to catch a break these days. Her marriage to Nick Cannon fell apart as the public watched. She had some widely reported vocal hiccups during a tour stop in Japan. Now she's taking a hit in a lawsuit between a photographer and her record label, which reveals exactly how ridiculously expensive it is to get the diva ready for a photo shoot.

Photo agency Jed Root filed suit against UMG Recordings/Island Def Jam Music Group back in June, but Yahoo has just obtained court documents relating to the case, and they offer a peek behind the scenes of the then 43-year-old Carey's album cover shoot scheduled for April 15, 2013.

According to the legal documents, it cost $85,000 to get the "#Beautiful" singer ready for her closeup. That includes:

  • $65,391 — for a stylist

  • $9,600 — for a hairstylist

  • $7,200 — for a makeup artist

  • $2,400 — for a manicurist

While that's a hefty tab, Jed Root is actually seeking more — what it says was an agreed-upon fee of $150,000 — but UMG/Island Def Jam claims they never signed on for such a costly photo session. To make matters worse, the photo shoot in question never actually took place. It was abruptly canceled.

So while Jed Root and UMG/Island Def Jam will battle the $150K bill out to a verdict or settlement, it's Mariah who's taking the incoming now. (Unless such extreme, expensive diva-like prep is somehow seen as just another positive in the glamorous life a pop superstar.)

This isn't the first time that Jed Root has taken on its rich and powerful clientele. Back in 2010, agency sued celebrity photographer Annie Leibovitz for makeup artist fees related to a 2008 shoot featuring legendary filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola and his Oscar-winning daughter, Sofia, for a Louis Vuitton ad shot in Argentina.

Carey, by the way, is Down Under on tour in Perth, Australia, where she opened her current trek Saturday with a rain-soaked performance. Wonder if the rain washed away all that expensive makeup?

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