Mariah Carey's "You're Mine (Eternal)" Music Video and 6 New Things We Learned About the Diva

Lovers around the world, unite: The glittery music video for Mariah Carey's latest slow jam "You're Mine (Eternal)" has all the trappings of classic Mariah, plus some tasteful toplessness from the sexy mama.

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In the Valentine's Day spirit, we grabbed some moments from Carey's "You're Mine (Eternal)" video to share with your eternal love this year. Kisses, dahling!

The video was shot in the rainforests of Puerto Rico, where the singer is seen perched in front of picturesque waterfalls and exotic greenery, doused in gold glitter, with sparkling butterfly wings on her bare back, and some serious cleavage.

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Interviewed on MTV, Carey talked about the making of her new album and her family life, and she enjoyed an adorable surprise visit from a very special someone: her hubby, Nick Cannon. The only thing that could be better than watching a Mariah Carey video? Seeing the couple nitpick at each other ever so adorably.

Here are some highlights from the interview:

1. Carey's most memorable Valentine's Day was during her first year married to Nick. The couple had a big hotel room festooned with red roses, balloons, and candles for the romantic evening. But then, as they flipped through photos of their first year together printed by a friend, suddenly one of the drapes caught fire! Mariah immediately jumped into action, grabbed a vase, ditched the flowers, and doused the flames while Nick sat in awe. Nick said at that moment, "You're really good in an emergency situation," to which she simply replied, "That's how I had to be." Add "Crisis Averter" to Mimi's long list of skills.

2. At just 2 1/2 years old, Mariah and Nick's twins (Dem Babies) can already sing! They love to sing her songs, but their favorite is her Christmas jam "All I Want for Christmas is You."

3. Nick is not spending Valentine's Day this year with Mariah! A DJ gig at the NBA's All-Star Weekend takes him away. But Carey is OK with this, so she says.

4. Mariah's dog tried to kill another one of her dogs by drowning! Long story short, her Jack Russell Terrier Squeak E. Beans is not a good mom. The singer said Squeak tried to drown her daughter, Jill E. Beans, in the hot tub, pushing her head under water. No one saw but Mariah's hairdresser, but still, no more puppies for the Squeakster.

5. Mariah's "You're Mine" underwater swimming scenes were shot not far from where she shot "Honey." Seeing Mariah in the water immediately brings to mind the sultry, unforgettable moment in that 1997 music video when she dove into a pool in a dress and stripped it off to reveal a chic nude bikini underneath. They need to rename that area the "Mariah Carey Swim District."

6. Her new album will be coming out May 6, and is no longer called "The Art of Letting Go." The singer expressed frustration over her album title leaking last year and as of now, the album remains untitled.

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