Love Won't Keep Them Together — Captain & Tennille Are Divorcing!

Say it ain't so, muskrat lovers!
Cathryn "Toni" Tennille, 73, one-half of the chart-topping '70s musical team the Captain and Tennille, has filed for divorce from her husband, Daryl "The Captain" Dragon, 71, after 39 years of marriage.
A spokesman for the Yavapai County courthouse told Yahoo on Wednesday that the petition was filed in Prescott, Arizona, on Jan. 16. The long-time duo have no children together.

The husband-and-wife tandem was the force behind such a slew of easy-listening hits, including "Love Will Keep Us Together," "Muskrat Love," "Do That to Me One More Time," "Lonely Night (Angel Face)," and "Shop Around.
The Captain was originally a keyboardist for the Beach Boys — with Toni later joining him on tour. They launched their own act in 1974 after being discovered by Neil Sedaka performing at the Smokehouse restaurant in Burbank, California. They won the Record of the Year Grammy in 1975 for "Love Will Keep Us Together," and went on to host a variety series on ABC from 1976-77.
Dragon said that he was blind-sided by the filing."I don't know why she filed," he told TMZ. "I gotta figure it out for myself first."

A section of the divorce documents contains a notice about an individual's rights in the state of Arizona with regards to healthcare coverage following a divorce. The coverage issue might be one of the reasons behind the filing; Tennille and her reps did not immediate return calls seeking comment.

In 2010, Toni wrote on her blog, "Toni's Take," that her husband was suffering from a neurological disorder. "Daryl told me this morning that he is not up to performing the three C&T songs I had hoped he could do," she wrote. "Many of you know he is dealing with a neurological condition (not Parkinsons, but something similar) that causes him to have tremors ... pretty severe at times ... that interfere with his ability to play keyboards. Some days he does pretty well. ... other days his playing is severely compromised. His condition is exascerbated [sic] by any kind of stress, and worrying about his ability to play has made his condition worse."

The official fan operated Captain and Tennille website was updated on Wednesday with the following note from the site's Webmaster: "Everything relating to THE CAPTAIN & TENNILLE appeared to the public as them being the ideal model for a "rock-solid' married pair. But almost all people naturally evolve over time, & sometimes hidden feelings start to be uncovered when one may read, just a little more into (the popularized, substitute heading appearing just below), stating, for instance: "MUSIC HAS KEPT THEM TOGETHER."

As the two sort out their relationship, here they are performing together in happier times.