Looks Like Joan Jett Will Join Nirvana Onstage at Rock And Roll Hall of Fame Celebration


After the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony is over, veteran rebel rocker Joan Jett still may not give a damn about her bad reputation. However, if rumors that she'll join Nirvana onstage and fill in for the late Kurt Cobain prove to be true, she'll have one more incredible experience to add to her resume.

The rampant speculation began on April 8 when Nirvana drummer and Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl posted a photo on Instagram of Krist Novoselic’s black Gibson bass, Pat Smear’s purple/blue Fender Telecaster guitar and a third guitar in the back that’s appears to be a white Melody Maker owned by Jett. The instrument is decorated with numerous stickers including “girls kick,” “fetish” (a Jett song), two pink female figures standing side by side, and a peace sign.

If Jett rocks Barclays Center on April 10 with Nirvana, it wouldn't be the first time she and Grohl shared a moment. In 2011, The Foo Fighters played "Bad Reputation" with Jett on "The Late Show With David Letterman"; and in 2013 Grohl co-wrote the Jett track "Any Weather," which was recorded at Grohl’s studio and appeared on Jett's album "Unvarnished."

On tour, Jett has joined the Foo Fighters for versions of "I Love Rock and Roll" and "Bad Reputation," and in 2013 Jett was in the audience at the premiere of Grohl’s film "Sound City."

"[Joan is] one of our heroes," Grohl said from the stage one night the two performed together. "[She's] a person that changed rock music [and] made it okay to be f---in' dirty and cool and play rock 'n' roll liker a real rock 'n' roller. She made Pat [Smear] want to start a band."

Before Grohl posted the Instagram photo, some had guessed that Michael Stipe, who will induct Nirvana into the Rock Hall, would perform with them. Others hoped drummer Chad Channing, who played on Nirvana’s first album "Bleach" before being replaced by Grohl, would return to the kit and Grohl would front the band.

Even if Jett takes the stage with Nirvana, it’s entirely possible that Grohl and Novoselic will perform with other artists as well during the night. Just don’t expect Cobain's wife, Hole frontwoman Courtney Love to get behind the mike, since there has been no love lost between her and the surviving members of Nirvana.

On that front, we can only wonder what Love thinks about the likelihood Jett will perform with Nirvana. Love has long spoken for her admiration for Jett's band the Runaways and how they inspired her to want to form her own group, so the chances that she'll throw eggs at Jett seem minimal. The other members...well, we're not placing bets.