John Stamos: Actor, Musician, Songwriter! Hear His New Composition, 'Let Yourself Be Loved'

Wendy Geller
·Writer, Yahoo Entertainment
Diamond Carter and John Stamos
Diamond Carter and John Stamos

If you haven't heard of musician Diamond Carter yet, it's safe to say you've heard of his latest collaborator — who happens to be none other than John Stamos. Fans of Stamos's career know well that the actor, best known for his role as "Uncle Jesse" on the sitcom "Full House," has been involved in the music world for decades, doing everything from performing solo to filling in on guitars, drums, and backing vocals for the legendary Beach Boys.

However, he hasn't championed too many rising artists to date, until he happened to write a tune called "Let Yourself Be Loved" and, by way of the composition, hooked up with Nashville-based musician Diamond Carter (aka Tyler Tuohy), who proved to be the perfect vehicle for the song.

Stamos explains in this exclusive behind-the-scenes clip that the song was a bit of a fluke, as writing isn't his primary thing. "I’m not a songwriter, mainly,” he says. “I’ve written stuff for TV and stuff, but it’s never been a passion of mine. But I remember a year or two ago, before going to sleep, I was hearing all this music. So I grabbed my phone and... [pretends to sing into his fist].”

Stamos ended up being unexpectedly pleased with the result — "To  me it was about being blocked and not letting people in" — and even more pleased when he teamed up with rising star Diamond Carter to record it.

Stamos was so impressed with the singer's performance that he even agreed to direct the video for the song. "The last video I directed was 'Hot Fun in the Summertime' for the Beach Boys 20 years ago," he smiles. "But I believe in [Diamond Carter] so much. [He's] a star.”

The video also stars Australian actress Nicky Whelan, who is in the upcoming TV show “Matador” directed by Robert Rodriguez.

If you agree with Stamos that this is an act to keep one's eye on, and want to learn more about Diamond Carter, you can check here for more information on the singer.