Is Self's 'Runaway' the Greatest Cat Video Ever?

Matt Mahaffey, the studio wizard and multi-instrumentalist behind one-man powerpop band Self, has always been a cool cat, ever since he released the cult hit Subliminal Plastic Motives in 1995. But he's outdone him-Self, so to speak, with the totally on-trend, cat-tastic video for Self's comeback single "Runaway." It just might be the best musical kitty video to hit the Web since Keyboard Cat first clawed his way onto YouTube seven years ago.

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"I've always fancied myself a person who's ahead of the curve," Mahaffey told EW, "and with this video, I really think that making videos of cats is going to catch fire on the internets. I wasn't available to be at my own video shoot and I refuse to allow my band to have a moment in the sun without me, so we hired this rad cat band that I've been a fan of for a while."

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Like a glorious Cat Fancy–meets-Rolling Stone pictorial sprung to life, the "Runaway" video features some seriously fierce felines, who jam on musical instruments, bust out synchronized dance moves, drive muscle cars, get their Drybar-fluffed fur blown back in slow-mo by wind machines, and generally rock out to Self's catchy track.

Mahaffey has worked with Beyoncé, Pink, Beck, Keith Urban, Liz Phair, Tenacious D, Lupe Fiasco, and many others, but he's never had cuter collaborators than he does in "Runaway." The only bummer? Self is currently on its first tour in a decade, in support of the new EP Super Fake Nice, and sadly, Mahaffey is not bringing his "rad cat band" on the road.

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