How Miley Cyrus’s Crying Kitty Won the Internet

Lady Gaga’s human horse was almost the center of Internet attention during the American Music Awards until Miley Cyrus took the stage. Dressed in a cat-printed bikini, Miley crooned her way through ‘Wrecking Ball’ with a giant kitten crying diamond tears projected behind her. Equine 0, Feline 1. Miley’s sad kitty was weird, fabulous and the muse for the best memes of the night.

We had a hunch that cats might be a thing when we caught up with Miley backstage.

Then, when it was showtime, cats across America fell in love with what they saw.

And more cats fell prey to Miley's national kitty round-up call.

But not everyone was a fan.

Tumblr knew this was a moment for the books.

And people cracked some good jokes.

BuzzFeed jumped all over this like catnip.

Us Weekly took to Vine.

Conspiracy theories were formed.

Kitten reunions were launched.

And so, Miley Cyrus' crying kitten won the Internet (and the hearts of many cats).