Hear Lea Michele’s Heartbreaking Ode to Cory Monteith

"Glee" star Lea Michele is set to release her debut album, "Louder," on March 4. And there's little doubt that the track that will have everyone talking the loudest is "If You Say So," a haunting ballad about a girl grieving a week after a loved one's death. While Lea's "Glee" co-star and real-life boyfriend, the late Cory Monteith, is never mentioned by name in the positively heartbreaking song, he seems to be the obvious inspiration behind it.

"It's been seven whole days, seven whole days, since you paralyzed me/Seven whole days, seven whole days, since you lost your fight/And I can't get the last words that you said/Can't get those words out of my head," the song begins.

Cory Monteith lost his fight with drug addiction in July last year. Lea reportedly co-wrote this song seven days later.

Later, Lea sings, "It's been seven whole days without your embrace/I want to see your face/I got some things to say/Was just a week ago you said, 'I love you girl'/I said, 'I love you more.'"

The incredibly poignant ballad ends with an especially tearjerking verse: "I can't believe it’s true/I keep looking for you/I check my phone and wait to hear from you in a crowded room...I thought we would grow old/Mirrors in the smoke/Left me here to choke."

In a recent interview for V magazine's March music issue, Lea alluded to one particularly personal track on "Louder," saying: "It's the only song that no one's heard. I can't talk about it until people hear it. It's just one of those things where I understand what it means and you can take it or leave it. That song is for me."

Lea Michele's "Louder" is currently streaming ahead of its release on iTunes, you can listen to the full album here.

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