Hear It Now: Santana Releases First Full-Length Latin-Music Album, 'Corazón'


Although Mexican-born guitar virtuoso Carlos Santana himself is a Latin icon, he has actually never put out a full Latin album in his five-decade hitmaking career — which may come as a surprise to many fans. However, the musician is about to finally add this milestone to his catalog this spring.

"Corazón," which is Santana's 22nd studio album, will be released May 6, and Yahoo Music is delighted to offer the first listen to his first Latin set a week prior to street date.

The "Corazón" tracklisting features collaborations with a variety of mega-notable friends from a variety of genres, and was conceived as a vehicle to show Santana's love of and personal influence on his musical heritage. Many different types of Latin music are represented on the album, including pop, rock, salsa, hip-hop, folk, reggae, traditional, and bachata. 

As for his guest stars, Santana is joined by an eclectic group of heavyweights: Gloria Estefan, Fabulosos Cadillacs, Ziggy Marley, Miguel, and Wayne Shorter are a few of the names contributing. Grammy-winning Latin superstar Juanes joined Santana for the album's first single, "La Flaca."

The album's colorful cover artwork was conceived and designed by Boa Mistura, an art collective based in Madrid responsible for a number of notable public art pieces; currently developing projects in South Africa, Norway, Berlin, Sao Paulo, and Rio de Janeiro.

Santana is currently touring through North America and will begin a residency at Las Vegas's House of Blues starting in November. Fans can check his schedule here.