Hear It Now! Dandy Warhols Release First-Ever Live Album

·Writer, Yahoo Entertainment
Hear It Now! Dandy Warhols Release First-Ever Live Album

Portland's Dandy Warhols put out their major-label debut in 1997, and have released a slew of albums since -- however, and surprisingly given their loyal fan following, there's never been a concert set in their catalogue.

Until now: The band is poised to drop "13 Tales From Urban Bohemia Live at the Wonder," its very first live album and recording of breakthrough release "13 Tales From Urban Bohemia," on March 25. Yahoo Music is excited to offer the very first listen to the entire album! 

The band's Courtney Taylor-Taylor told Yahoo Music the impetus behind releasing the live set was...well, even he's not quite sure! "We've been told for a dogs age -- literally -- that we should put out a live record. We've recorded several and not one of them has ever gotten finished. 'Til now," he explained. "So why did this one? I don't know. What I do know is that it sure is amazing to have a fully mixed record of what we do live now and this just might inspire us to get off our Dandyass and finish another."

The Dandy Warhols will be touring next month in support of the album. You can keep up with their schedule here.