Hear it First! Nashville Pu$$y Turns it up With 'Everybody's Fault But Mine"

Sure, they've received a lot of attention for their, well, attention-grabbing name, but fans of Atlanta's Nashville Pu$$y know that the hard-driving band is noteworthy for its rockin' sound above all. The band hasn't released a set of all-new material since 2009, but has finally returned this year with Up The Dosage, out January 21.

The band's leader Blaine Cartwright says this particular release is their Back in Black (!!!). “None of the previous Nashville Pussy albums has been as diverse and at the same time consistent. Everything sounds even bigger and better, yet raw and authentic through and through."

We at Yahoo Music are pumped to present a first listen to a track off the album, "Everybody's Fault But Mine," so you can either get a taste of the new sound or be introduced to its stylistic diversity for the first time. Be sure to let us know what you think!