Eminem, Framed

John Kordosh

Let's cut right to the chase and welcome Eminem to Framed this week, as we feature "Survival" from his chartbusting new record, The Marshall Mathers LP 2. Everybody knows Eminem's story, but we invite you to check out last week's blog by fellow Y! Music guy Paul Grein, whose 10 amazing facts about Em's latest chart feat will astonish and delight you.

"Survival" comes to us from Call of Duty: Ghosts, and was released as the new album's second single last month. The video -- his third Call of Duty offering, by the way -- features Marshall rapping in front of images from the game. And check out the final scene in the video (our last frame) for a Marshall Mathers flashback.

As always, we hope you enjoy the video and our captions, which reflect the rich sense of humor music fans have about their favorite artists.


1 -- "Governor Christie! Gimme a hug!"

2 -- Marshall picks up the 5-7-10 split! Easily!

3 -- In the future, the Ghost of Eminem will be bigger than Eminem!

4 -- "Well, if I gotta go, this video seems like a good place to do it."

5 -- Historical note: many hated Jim Morrison 'cause of all that "Lizard King" B.S.

6 -- "Five dollar footlong . . . it's catching on!"

7 -- "My album had the second biggest sales week of 2013? Why hast thou abandoned me, Lord?"

8 -- "Damn. This is the worst-lit video I've ever seen."

9 -- Welcome to Detroit!

10 -- "Florida's pretty nice. I hope it's OK to walk around in a hoodie down here."

11 -- Em celebrates another album hitting #1!

12 -- "How does Y! Music fit all their employees in there?"