Ed Sheeran Gets Lookalike Puppet to Do His Dirty Work in ‘Sing’ Video


How does a clean-cut singer with a nice-guy image get away with drunken debauchery and soliciting strippers? By asking his puppet alter ego to do the dirty work for him, of course! Singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran's new video for "Sing" follows a night in the life of the 23-year-old's wild, ginger-haired, dopprlganger puppet out on the town.

The Muppet Ed cruises the streets of Los Angeles in a Hummer limousine, offering rides to beautiful women and ending up in a strip club where he overdoes it, steals the karaoke mic from an Asian businessman, busts out some impressive dance moves, and ends up vomiting confetti.

The real Sheeran also makes an appearance, singing and strumming his acoustic guitar, joined by the song's producer, Pharrell Williams, who shouts, "Sing!" and "Louder!"

The video was directed by Emil Nava, who also worked with Sheeran on his videos for "Lego House" and "You Need Me."

Sheeran premiered the video for "Sing," the first single off of his forthcoming sophomore album, x, on his Facebook page. The new album is due out June 23.