Cool or Creepy? 10 Facts Behind 40-Year-Old Fan's 22 Miley Cyrus Tattoos

Of all the shrines and homages fans create for their favorite celeb, tattoos are definitely at the top of the dedication list. But sometimes the most surprising thing is the person sporting them! From album titles to huge portraits, unexpected Miley Cyrus superfan Carl McCoid is now has a total of 22 Miley tattoos and an obsession that "can't be tamed."

So: How does a 40-year-old British man end up covering himself with Miley tattoos like a NASCAR racer? Here are some factoids we dug up about McCoid:

1. McCoid's obsession first emerged in 2009 while he was going through a difficult divorce. McCoid has claimed there is no connection between his divorce and his Miley fandom, but his ex-wife did think his Smiler status was "a bit weird."

2. His first tattoos were "Miley" on one forearm and "Cyrus" on the other in large, bold letters. He thought that would be the end of that, but little did he know…

3. McCoid spent over $800 on his first 15 tattoos, spending $250 on the large portraits on his shoulders. By the way, $250 is insanely cheap for a "photo realistic" face tattoo. You certainly get what you pay for.

4. Miley Cyrus does know about McCoid and calls him "a little creepy," but finds the gesture somewhat flattering. Although she also said, "some of the tattoos I'm like, 'Do I look like that?'"

5. How does McCoid earn his Miley tattoo money? In 2012 when he had 15 tattoos he was a "domestic cleaner." Now in 2013 with 22 tattoos, he runs an ironing business in Bridlington, East Yorkshire in England.

6. His latest tattoo says, "A Strategic Hot Mess" on the back of his hand, which was how Miley Cyrus described her 2013 VMAs performance.

7. On top of his dedicated ink, McCoid also boasts the Twitter name @MileyCyrusCarl. He regularly posts photos of the singer, chats with other fans and responds to her own tweets with pictures of his tattoos.

8. McCoid has appeared on television for his tattoos, including My Tattoo Addiction in the UK and RTL German TV. For both shows he was filmed getting a Miley photo tattoo.

9. Perhaps the weirdest tidbit, a close friend of McCoid's says he's a pretty regular guy in person despite his obsession!

10. At least as of 2012, McCoid has never seen Cyrus perform live, but you can bet he'll be front and center for the upcoming "Bangerz" tour, the logo of which he has inked across his back.

What do you think of this Miley Cyrus superfan? Leave your comments below!

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