Cody ChesnuTT Premieres Romantic Video, Talks About What Works in His Marriage

Cody ChesnuTT

On this most romantic of days, Valentine's Day, R&B sensation Cody ChesnuTT has a powerful message for all you lovers out there. A true lasting relationship requires far more than flowers and chocolates; or, as he aptly states in the premiere of his new video: "Love is More Than a Wedding Day."

After you've enjoyed the new clip, we have an extra V-day gift from ChesnuTT, who truly walks the walk in terms of his take on love and relationships. Originally finding his fame through songs not exactly about fidelity (to wit: check the lyrics to his tune "The Seed"), the musician has come through a total metamorphosis and has managed to sustain a successful, long-lasting marriage -- not the easiest thing to do in any circumstances, let alone as a member of the challenging music industry.  He offers the following tips as to how he's managed to build a strong partnership:

--If faith is a part of your marriage, it must be an active faith. Make an effort to remember that it can be exercised daily.

--Explore and exhaust all forms of civil communication.

--Try to never lose sight of the fact that what you're sharing with each other is sacred.

--Encourage each others' need/desire to grow.

--Be what you expect.

ChesnuTT adds that "keeping God first" and the fact that both he and his wife are on the same page about making marriage work are the most important points for him personally.

Happy Valentine's Day! May you find strong love as well!