Close Call: Jason Derulo's Miraculous Recovery After Breaking Neck

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  • Jason Derulo
    Jason Derulo
    American singer, songwriter, and dancer

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Jason Derulo has put his near-fatal, broken-neck injury behind him. The "Talk Dirty" singer seems to have made a full recovery and is now incorporating acrobatic stunts into his concerts, climbing atop a six-man pyramid and appearing completely uninhibited in his hip-hop dances.

It's hard to believe that two years ago he experienced the horrific accident that prompted the cancellation of his tour.

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In a Jan. 4, 2012 post on his Facebook page, the pop star first announced the injury. "I fractured my neck doing tumbling & acrobatics 4 tour! Always trying 2 push boundaries 4 YOU! Like my new chain?"

Though his "new chain" neck brace joke demonstrated that he was in good spirits about the accident (which occurred the day before his post), the damage was quite serious.

Derulo experienced an acute fracture to his vertebra after falling on his head. "My injury is called a 'Hang Man's Break' because it is the same bone that is broken when someone is hung!" he wrote. "I am so blessed to still be here! 95% of ppl with the same injury end up paralyzed or gone. Everything happens for a reason. Traumatic experience can change you for the better. My outlook on life is so much clearer! Don't forget what's important. Life is short so do it today, today could be a day too late!"

Derulo described to TimeOut the moment when he questioned his future. "Lying on the floor I didn't know whether I was going to walk again – let alone get on stage. It was a crucial time."

The accident was a reality check for Derulo, who had been living recklessly before the tragic event. "I was hardcore drinking every single night," he told the Huffington Post UK. "I was partying until crazy times in the evening then getting on the plane at six in the morning, walking in the airport like a zombie because I was drunk and hung over from the last nights."

He describes his recovery as both a horrifying and humbling experience. Because of the injury he needed assistance with regular daily tasks like tying his shoes and taking a shower.

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"I always needed somebody," he told Daily Record. "Being a grown man, who was always on for himself, to get to that point is pretty crazy, but it teaches you things."

"It opened my eyes to what matters in life and just who matters, like my family, who were always there for me. I came out on top, man," he added.

Derulo's girlfriend, singer and actress Jordin Sparks, stayed by his side during the ordeal. "Jordin was very instrumental in my recovery," he told E! "That situation brought us very close because I think it takes a very special person to drop everything they've got going on in their life, especially someone of her caliber, to come and aid me. That was really special."

The happy couple showcase their affection on Derulo's "Talk Dirty" album out on Tuesday. Sparks appears in Derulo's video for his proposal song "Marry Me" and she duets with him on the sensual track "Vertigo."

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