5 Reasons to Follow Beyoncé on Tumblr

Beyoncé uses Tumblr (beyonce.tumblr.com) as a sleek, dazzling portal to all things in her world. Here are five reasons why Bey's space in the blogosphere is worth putting a virtual ring on it:

5. The throwbacks: If your enchantment with the star dates back to "Crazy in Love," there's a section of Bey's blogroll dedicated to your retro needs. Click on a tab entitled "The Throwback" to unveil the best of Bey's glammed-out photo shoots from over the years, including this fresh-faced series of snaps from a 2003 issue of Essence mag:

4. The personalities: There's no denying that Beyoncé's got the pipes to slay any stage on her own, but part of what makes following her antics on tour so exciting are the beautiful personalities she brings along for the ride. Use her Tumblr to get acquainted with the warm energy that Bey's family of talented backup singers and dancers bring to her show.

3. The silly side of Mrs. Carter: Just because she's one of the most untouchable musical icons around doesn't mean she's unable to get downright weird from time to time. This jam-packed Tumblr also provides impromptu shots of Bey at her down-to-earth best.

2. The footage: Beyoncé's Tumblr also boasts a section entitled "The Mrs. Carter Video Diary," a healthy collage of vibrant video clips that chronicle her travels on tour. Again, many of these clips provide the perfect opportunity to display a more playful side of Bey, as seen in a clip of her warmup before a show in Belgrade. Watch (or better yet, reblog) the full clip here.

1. The crowd shots: Funny how the glistening adrenaline of the live Beyoncé experience can be captured in a single photo. Her Tumblr is truly a treasure chest of breathtaking captures that'll have bloggers pining away for a Mrs. Carter Tour Part II in the near future.