Yahoo! Movies Readers Make Their Picks for Most Anticipated Summer Movie

Most Anticipated Movies
Most Anticipated Movies

This weekend we here at Yahoo! Movies published our list of our 25 most anticipated movies coming to theaters this summer. We got a flood of responses from our readers about the titles you are and are not excited about (and yes, commenters, we realize not everyone is excited about the One Direction 3D movie, but plenty of fans out there are).

We also put a poll asking you what one movie our readers are looking forward to the most, and an astonishing 160,000 votes were cast. And while the voters agreed with our top pick, we differed on others in some surprising ways.

When it came to the number one choice for the summer, there was one clear winner from our readers, and it just happened to match the Yahoo! Movies selection as well. The new Superman revamp "Man of Steel" was the champ with over 42,700 votes (27% of the total cast).

Coming into the year, it wasn't clear if there would be a lot of excitement for "Man of Steel." The early trailers were fairly abstract without much action, and 2007's "Superman Returns" did not perform up to expectations. But with the most recent trailer revealing a truly epic scope to the film, and with the weight of "The Dark Knight" mastermind Christopher Nolan attached as producer, it's clear that audiences are ready to believe that a man can fly again when "Man of Steel" swoops into theaters on June 14.

When it came to second choices, our readers picked differently than we did. Our selection for number two, J.J. Abrams' sci-fi sequel "Star Trek Into Darkness," came in third place for readers with 24K votes (15%). The public chose "Iron Man 3" with over 37,000 votes, or 23% of the total (we had it at #4). But that shouldn't come as too much of a surprise. "Marvel's The Avengers" was the biggest movie at the box office in 2012, and anticipation for Robert Downey Jr.'s third solo outing (and possibly last if rumors are to be believed) is running high. Thankfully, you won't have to wait long for either, with "Iron Man 3" opening this Friday -- it's already breaking ticket sales records overseas -- and "Star Trek" beaming down on May 17.

The biggest surprise in voting was our readers' choice for the fourth most anticipated movie of the summer. With over 14,000 votes (9%), the big-screen, 3D adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald's classic novel "The Great Gatsby" came in at number 4. That's a lot higher than the 14th place ranking we gave the movie, and it was actually more popular with readers than the Vin Diesel/The Rock team up "Fast & Furious 6" (which came in fifth place with nearly 13K votes).

Credit the rabid fan base of "Moulin Rouge" director Baz Luhrmann, the incomparable appeal of seeing Leonardo DiCaprio in formal wear, and maybe the sheer curiosity of seeing one of the great works of American literature in eye-popping 3D. If the results are to be believed, "The Great Gatsby" could be a surprise sensation when it hits theaters on May 10.

So what fell short for our readers? Our third place selection, Disney/Pixar's college-set prequel "Monsters University," came in eighth with 5,600 votes cast. Perhaps Billy Crystal and John Goodman reteaming feels a little too familiar, or maybe not enough people have seen the new trailer that debuted last week. Either way, it doesn't seem too likely that audiences will skip class when this hits on June 21.

Coming in last place with readers was the Matt Damon futuristic action film "Elysium," with only 3,300 votes (2%). It's an original story not based on any book, comic, or video game, so there isn't the built-in audience for it. But based on the strength of the impressive trailer -- and how much we love director Neill Blomkamp's debut film "District 9" -- we ranked this early August release in sixth place. Doing just slightly better in ninth place was the Will Smith/Jaden Smith post-apocalyptic adventure "After Earth." It garnered 3,8oo votes (3%), but to be fair we had it placed all the way down at number 19.

However you slice it, this summer does seemed packed with movies people are dying so see. Let us know in the comments if there are any titles you're excited about that didn't make our list.