‘The World’s End’ Director Edgar Wright Answers Your Questions About Action and Ice Cream

Edgar Wright
Edgar Wright

Tomorrow morning at 10 a.m. ET/7 a.m. PT we'll be premiering the new U.S. trailer for "The World's End" right here on Yahoo! Movies and to get you ready for it, co-writer/director Edgar Wright has answered questions submitted by fans over Twitter and in our comments.

"The World's End" is the third chapter in Wright's "Three Flavors Cornetto trilogy" -- named after the ice cream brand that appears in each movie -- which starring Simon Pegg (who also co-writes). This one has Pegg, Nick Frost, Martin Freeman, Paddy Considine, and Eddie Marsan as old pals who try to recreate a legendary pub crawl from their youth, only to discover an event of galactic proportions is happening at the same time.

See what Wright had to say about the inspiration for "The World's End," which actor he always wanted to work with but hasn't, and who in the cast would win a drinking contest.

Edgar Wright: Going back to my hometown and finding that nothing had changed, but everything was different.

EW: I think this film is squarely in the genre of ‘social science fiction’ which has produced many great books, films and TV shows since the second World War.

EW: It will become more clear when you see the movie – but partly from childhood toys and two film posters images that are not in their respective movies (one from 1975 and one from 1982). Guess what the movies are!

EW: Sort of. We had a huge and complicated scene to do on the last day, so we were racing to get it all done. No time for tears.

EW: I think it’s a theme that haunts me and Simon, the dubious dream of perpetual adolescence and the idea that someone is always younger than you. I think we finally finish this arc with this movie. The adolescence is over here.

EW: It doesn’t feel that different in a way. Shooting in the UK rarely changes, it’s always tough! But you get to use different toys and hopefully improve and expand your techniques.

EW: Some of the movies, TV shows and books that inspired us were from our childhood. We didn’t watch them again as the central story comes for personal experience. We DID watch two movies on the theme of friends reuniting; ‘It’s Always Fair Weather’ and ‘The Big Chill’.

EW: Some. The fence is the most obvious. The others are more subtle.

EW: No Jess in this one. But there are other cameos. Including a man that has yet to appear in the films.

EW Underwater.

EW: After Hot Fuzz we always thought it would be rude not to wrap the films up in a neat trilogy. I’m glad we waited to write it though as we have more to say on our theme.

EW: A very long story that began with Cornettos being a hangover cure for me at college…

EW: No. (Yes)

EW: Hmm. They are fun to write, fun to rehearse and usually extremely hard work to capture on film. Music sequences are always fun; the White Lines, the hip hop dancing in ‘Shaun’, there’s a choreography sequence in the new one.

EW: We always wanted to get Michael Palin in one of them. But he’s always traveling.

EW: I don’t think so. Once Angel & Danny became badasses at the end of that movie, their arc is over. ‘The World’s End’ is as close as you will get to a sequel to ‘Shaun’ or ‘Fuzz’.

EW: They are a dream to work with. Great actors and lovely guys. And they worked even harder on this movie. Wait until you see them in the fight scenes.

EW: We all eat better and drink less.

EW: It’s great to work with friends, both cast and crew. You create a family through your movies. Along with cast and crew from Spaced, Shaun & Fuzz, there were crew members from Scott Pilgrim on this too. I like to be loyal!

EW: Red wine or G&T for me. And ‘Drunken Maria’ by The Monks.

EW: Nick could end us all.

EW: It has some dubious connotations now. But it was on Super 8 and it was called ‘Rolf Harris Saves The World’. It was a more innocent time.

EW: Fact. I was offered ‘Rose’ the first Russell T Davies episode, but I had to pass as it clashed with ‘Shaun’ press. But sure, I’d love to someday.

EW: Get out there and make mistakes. You are your best teacher. Experiment!

Your questions in our comments sections

Defending Champ - ‘3 different films...3 distinctly different hairdos for Simon Pegg...was that purposefully done for this trilogy? Are Simon's hairdos the Bruce Willis hairdos of this generation?’
“The character in this, Gary King, has the wildest hair. He hasn’t changed it since school. We like to make the three characters all very different.”

Rick - ‘What two films should be watched with The Worlds End for a triple feature?’
EW: Well ‘Shaun’ and ‘Fuzz’. Anything else might be a giveaway at this point.

Chelsey -
‘What kind of apocalypse are we going to see in this? Aliens? Zombies? Fire pit? Some dinosaurs? Just wondering ;)
EW: A cozy catastrophe!

Steve - ‘Are the glowing blue eyes an intentional reference to Russell Mulcahy's music video for Bonnie Tyler's "Total Eclipse of the Heart"?’
I am slightly obsessed by that video. But the glowing eyes in that are also predated in the 1980 film ‘The Fog’.

Tommy -
‘Who made the decision to have Simon be the wild one and Nick be the calm one?’
Me and Simon. One character has grown up and the other hasn’t.

Q - ‘How do you make films with such great special effects and prod. value when you're working with about half the budget a normal Hollywood action films uses? (P.S. I would gladly trade Avatar for 3 more Scott Pilgrims)’
Go in with a plan! That’s the way to make sure all the money is onscreen.

Karli -
‘Though they're both comedies, "Shaun of the Dead" and "Hot Fuzz" had serious emotional scenes between Nick and Simon's characters that made me cry and really showed off their acting chops; can we expect a similar emotional scene between the two in "The World's End"?’
You can indeed. Perhaps the most emotional of them all.

Aaron - ‘What was the most difficult thing about working on the screenplay?’
We had the idea for the film in 2007 and had a third act that was difficult to figure out. Then we came up with a different resolution a long time after and it all started to fall into place. The screenplay was relatively easy to write as we had been plotting for a long time.

Glenn - ‘Gary King and Andy Knight - will other character names be similarly symbolic? Perhaps Oliver Queen, Peter Bishop and Steven Rook?’
Gary King, Andrew Knightley, Oliver Chamberlain, Peter Page and Steven Prince.

Nat - ‘If the cast and crew from the Cornetto Trilogy did a Pub Crawl, what London Pubs would make the list? Which pub has the best stories/memories?’
Well back in the early 00’s, me and Simon would go to see movies at Odeon Camden Parkway and meet at The World’s End before…

Come back Wednesday for the new trailer for "The World's End," opening in the U.S. on August 23.