Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson hang out on Google and unveil ‘The Internship’ trailer

There are probably worse ways to spend an afternoon than with Vince Vaughn, Owen Wilson and Conan O'Brien in some undisclosed room with fake snacks and art-directed magazines.

The frequent comedic collaborators and their sometime talk show host pal gathered for a Google+ Hangout with various fans to chat about and debut the trailer for "The Internship," the upcoming comedy that dares to take a long, hard look at the rapidly changing dynamics of the American workplace ... mainly, the fact that bosses are getting even more younger (and smarter) than their subordinates.

"The Internship" (which, considering the resumes of the two lead actors, could maybe also be referred to as "The Computer Crashers") follows two middle-aged salesmen who suddenly find themselves without jobs -- and, even worse, computer illiterate in a brave new working world. They accept internships at the Google campus, where most of their colleagues are less than half their age and have at least three times the marketability.

Vince, Owen and Conan met in a "nice-looking airport lounge," sat in "futuristic chairs" around a table that contained seemingly inedible nuts and magazines like "Pure Muscle" to talk about the film and take questions from several logged-in student fans, many of which had recently experienced internships themselves.

Vaughn got things started by describing "The Internship" as "Picture a movie that's very dramatic and a little bit over-sincere," a thought which Wilson completed with "Now imagine a movie nothing like it and a million times better." Vince also jokingly revealed that he had once served as Owen's intern, telling his friend and co-star that "the coldest winter of my life was the summer I spent with you."

Conan O'Brien revealed he had once visited the actual Google campus, which he (perhaps only half-jokingly) described as "a Dr. Seuss world" with "strange creatures, unicycles, talking trees and bioengineered humans" ... a world we get a glimpse of in the film's trailer.

"The Internship" doesn't portray the Google campus as quite the land of supernatural wonders that Conan describes, but it does show it to be something that could pass for the rather large-scale set of some rambunctious educational show for kids, filled with bright colors and gadgets and lots of enthusiastic-looking young people. It's a place where our two heroes engage in "mental 'Hunger Games'" with other interns who are much more qualified for potential full-time positions at the mega-company ... and not just because they're going to, you know, not die as soon.

The trailer ends with a series of "X-Men" jokes and a bald wheelchair-bound academic (referred to as "Professor Xavier," of course) punching Vaughn in the face and Wilson in the crotch, so it looks like -- as is usually the case with summer comedies -- pretty much anything goes in "The Internship" ... and probably will.

"The Internship" opens June 7.

Check out the trailer for 'The Internship':