Surprising Movie Bill Clinton Likes

With an appalling six percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes, it garnered jeers far and wide from film critics. But that didn't stop Bill Clinton from watching -- and re-watching -- the zany R-rated comedy "Who's Your Caddy?" starring rappers Lil Wayne and Big Boi.

Former President Clinton watched the 2007 golf-themed movie on a plane to Thailand.

How do we know? The cast and director of "The Hangover" hung out with Clinton following a speech he gave in the Southeast Asia country when they were there filming "The Hangover Part II."

"We got to go to dinner with President Clinton," "Hangover" director Todd Phillips told The Hollywood Reporter. "We were like, 'Hey, why don't you come by the set?' So he came by. He loved [the first movie]. He loves comedies. At dinner, he goes to his assistant, 'What's that movie we watched over and over on the plane?' And the guy goes, 'The President loves "Who's Your Caddy."'"

The President is indeed a big fan of film. He considers the work of legendary funnyman Mel Brooks to be some of the most memorable and valuable in cinematic history, for making comedy classics like "The Producers," "Blazing Saddles" and "Young Frankenstein." During a 1999 conversation with Roger Ebert, Clinton impressed the late critic with his eclectic and wide-ranging knowledge of and appreciation for Hollywood's cultural impact. He even went as far as to call movies one of the "defining element[s] of American culture."

"I was an only child until I was ten, both my parents worked," he explained. "You could go to the movies for a dime when I was a little boy and so I saw every movie that came my way when I was a child and I spent a lot of time in the movies," he said, adding that his favorite movie is one he saw when he was six years old: "High Noon." "I've seen it more than twenty times since. I don't get tired of seeing it."

Other Clinton favorites include "L.A. Confidential," "Three Kings," "The Ten Commandments" and a lesser-known German film called "The Harmonists." At the time of their discussion in 1999, Hollywood was keen on depicting bleak suburbia in the midst of great American prosperity with films like "Fight Club" -- which the President called a "tough movie" -- and "American Beauty."

"I think in a funny way it's like 'Fight Club,'" Clinton said of "Beauty." "It's like, there's got to be more to life than this. Okay so we've got this nice little neat suburban lifestyle and we're comfortable and now what? I must say it was also a disturbing movie, but I thought it was an amazing film."

"I'm such an ardent moviegoer. I try to see everything," he told Ebert in '99. And judging from Clinton's multiple "Who's Your Caddy?" viewings, he does in fact give everything in film a chance.

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