Drool Alert: Shirtless Henry Cavill Shows Off ‘Man of Steel’ Training Vid

"Man of Steel" made waves this weekend, not just for obliterating the June box office record, but also for giving us leading man Henry Cavill, the first physically super man to don the tights since Christopher Reeve.

The new Man of Steel is more cut than a marble statue, with a chiseled physique that makes Michelangelo's David look gelatinous. Perhaps not since "Magic Mike" has there been a movie with a more drool-inducing leading man, and we're not just talking about that iconic red-and-blue suit. In fact, we're talking about him out of that red-and-blue suit!

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Cavill credits "Man of Steel" trainer Mark Twight with helping him bulk up to heroic proportions. Cavill and Twight (among others) are featured in a video series, produced in conjunction with the National Guard, called "Soldier of Steel," a motivational-instructional series meant to inspire and inform people to pursue their own "super" transformations.

The first three videos in the series showcase Twight training with National Guard soldiers, but in the fourth video, "Man of Steel" stars Cavill and Antje Traue talk about their intense workout routines, while putting those regimes in action.

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There's plenty to admire in the film, such as the daily dedication of our National Guard soldiers and the work ethic of everyone on the "Man of Steel" set. Oh yeah, and did we mention Superman is shirtless, glistening, and flexing at the gym?

If you didn't get enough of Cavill during the two-and-a-half-hour film, grab a fan and prepare yourself. You are so welcome: