‘Star Wars,’ ‘Avengers’ and ‘Pirates’: Disney has a very busy slate

Disney is looking to have a very busy 2014-15. Within a year and a half, there will be a new Muppet movie, a “Captain America” sequel, the long-awaited Marvel comics adaptation “Guardians of the Galaxy,” a follow-up to “Sleeping Beauty,” and a new “Pirates of the Caribbean” film. That doesn't even include “1952,” a Damon Lindelof-scripted, Brad Bird-directed flick starring George Clooney.

“The Muppets 2” returns the creative team behind 2011's “The Muppets,” adding Ricky Gervais, Ty Burrell and possibly Tina Fey to the human cast. Directing team Anthony and Joe Russo replace Joe Johnston in the director's chair(s) for “Captain America: The Winter Soldier,” in which Chris Evans will be reprising his role as Cap. “Maleficent” seems to be a prequel of sorts to “Sleeping Beauty,” detailing the story that led to the title villainess (here played by Angelina Jolie) cursing Aurora in the previous classic; it will be in 3D because of course it is. “Guardians of the Galaxy” will see cult director James Gunn make his big-budget debut adapting the title comic. Plot (or any other) details for “1952” are as yet unavailable, though the teaming up of Brad Bird and George Clooney is cause for excitement. And then, in July 2015, Johnny Depp returns for a fifth “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie, which should earn a pile of money. Somewhere around there, there will also be a highly anticipated "Star Wars" movie too.

Disney fans, comics aficionados, and lovers of large-scale cinema are set to have a busy time of it with all these releases. Which of the above are you most looking forward to?