‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ Trailer: Will Kirk’s Mistake Doom the Enterprise?

Captain Kirk, played by Chris Pine
Captain Kirk, played by Chris Pine

Darkness is coming.

The fate of the Enterprise and its crew rests squarely on the shoulders of Captain Kirk (Chris Pine) more so than ever, as the new "Star Trek Into Darkness" trailer indicates.

"I'm sorry," Kirk says as he turns to his crew after seeing something apparently horrific outside of the ship's observation window. Blinded by the urge to catch the bad guy, it appears that Kirk has led the ship into a trap. Being the cocky showboater that he is, it's sad to hear him being brought to his knees in front of the crew. Something really bad is about to happen.

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But will the Enterprise go down for good? Scotty does say, after all, "The ship's dead, sir! She's gone." And we see explosions and bodies flying. Though directly after Scotty's claim, Kirk replies, "No she's not," as the beloved space -- and sea -- vessel appears to rise victoriously from under the ocean depths. But later we see a space fight, and more enemy weaponry wreaking havoc on the ship.

Then there's that mysterious villain, played by Benedict Cumberbatch. "You can't even guarantee the safety of your crew," he says, aiming a taunt at Kirk. Whether Cumberbatch is playing Khan -- as the rumors have been swirling -- or some other evildoer, dude seems to be having a field day messing with Kirk's head. "No ship should go down without her captain," he says, making a veiled threat.

The Enterprise
The Enterprise

This is the most we've seen of the much talked about Cumberbatch villain -- who is notably spotted at one point in Federation garb. Does he sneak onto the ship posing as one of the good guys? One thing seems to be clear -- he is pure havoc, wreaking space and planet destruction and spurring an all-out war. We see him throughout the trailer in the midst of his presumable destructive acts -- in various outfits. This guy likes to hide in plain sight.

Knowning J.J. Abrams, the seemingly revealing trailer may wind up being a bit of a fake-out. Which leads us to wonder if the Enterprise is really in trouble (even though the trailer cut makes it appear as though it restored to safety).

The first clip of "Star Trek Into Darkness" will be on Yahoo! Movies on Thursday morning. The film enters theaters May 17.

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