Spotted on Set: Jennifer Lawrence Dons a Neck Brace

Jennifer Lawrence, in character
Jennifer Lawrence, in character

From the hair to the clothes, and now to the neck brace -- the odd looks sported on the set of Jennifer Lawrence's new film are piquing more and more curiosity.

The 22-year-old actress was seen wearing a neck brace, upswept blond hair, some funky geometric glasses, and gold hoop earrings on a Boston-area movie set on Tuesday. (She was also spotted kissing a mystery co-star on Wednesday. And it ain't her hubby, played by Christian Bale!)

The recent Oscar winner appears in yet another David O. Russell film alongside her former "Linings" Oscar-nominated co-star Bradley Cooper. But this is no "Linings" reprise. Yet to be titled, the film is based on a '70s FBI sting operation, called "Abscam," that led to the conviction of high-level politicians including a U.S. Senator and five congressmen.

Lawrence plays the wife of the star witness, Marie Weinberg.

[POSSIBLE SPOILER]: In real life, Weinberg died suddenly in 1982 at the age of 50 after she accused her husband of taking payoffs from Abscam defendants. It was an apparent suicide.

Is the Lawrence-Cooper combo getting excessive? She does, after all, visit another past decade with him in the '30s Depression-era drama "Serena," due out in September.

As we've established, the hairdos are the big signal that both Lawrence and Cooper have dramatically departed from their prior onscreen pairings. Lawernce has poofy hair and Cooper has a perm. (Bale also has a noteworthy greasy combover.) Next thing you know, Coop-Law (Lawper?), will be donning 18th century powdered wigs for another project. Or better yet: '80s feathered bangs.

The yet-to-be-titled, hair-raising film is due in theaters in December.