Sofia Vergara is having a blast in new ‘Machete Kills’ poster

File this under the “What’s Up Front” Department.

Robert Rodriguez is a filmmaker who’s never been afraid to go over the top, as anyone who has seen “Sin City,” “Desperado,” “Planet Terror,” or “Once Upon A Time In Mexico” already knows. And the first posters Rodriguez has released for the sequel to his 2010 cult favorite “Machete” show he’s ready to pump up the outrageousness.

Easily the most “whoa!” inducing image is Sofia Vergara as Lady Desdemona, who shows off a pair of very deadly weapons – a brassiere with built in machine guns spitting deadly charges from her breasts. Vergara’s ample curves have been a big part of her fortune, but it looks like Rodriguez had found new ways to take advantage of their power.

Another poster offers a first look at Lady Gaga, who co-stars in the movie as La Chameleon. The pop star is decked out in true blonde bombshell fashion, looking leggy and well coiffed, but her outfit includes two unusual accessories – a sizable handgun with a silencer, and a wolf that she’s wearing like some sort of fur piece. Then again, for a woman who makes evening gowns out of meat, this is a typical day at the office.

And while the third poster, with a blood spattered Danny Trejo glowering at the camera as Machete, isn’t much of a surprise, there’s no arguing that once again, Machete looks like one Mexican you do not want to mess with.

Along with Vergara and Gaga, “Machete Kills” will have plenty of beautiful ladies on board to keep things interesting between fight scenes. The supporting cast includes Jessica Alba (reprising her role from the first film), Amber Heard, Vanessa Hudgens, and Alexa Vega, the former child actress from Rodriguez’s “Sky Kids” films who Twittered some photos of herself in costume that show she’s clearly grown up. The male cast is every bit as intriguing – along with Trejo, “Machete Kills” will feature Mel Gibson, Antonio Banderas, Cuba Gooding Jr., and Charlie Sheen. Sheen will be playing the President of the United States (!), who brings in Machete to lead a covert mission against illegal arms dealers who’ve gotten their hands on some dangerous new technology.

“Machete Kills” will open in theaters in September, and if these posters are any indication, this should be just as crazy, and just as fun, as the original.