From Shailene Woodley’s Real Life First Kiss to Insecure Teen Moments: A Look Inside ‘The Spectacular Now’

Watch An Exclusive Look Inside 'The Spectacular Now':

Anyone heading to the theater to check out "The Spectacular Now" should be prepared to reminisce about some of your own awkward, insecure, and confusing adolescent moments.

Miles Teller plays Sutter Keely, a charming, but troubled high school senior who accidentally falls for the nerdy nice girl, Aimee Finicky (Shailene Woodley).

One great scene in the film is when Sutter kisses Aimee for the first time. You see Woodley's character — who doesn't think it's possible for guys to find her attractive — have that girl-to-woman transition, and it's something Shai told Yahoo! Movies she can definitely relate to.

"I still feel like I'm evolving from girl to woman," Woodley told us at a recent screening of the film in Los Angeles. "I think it's this never ending process becoming a woman, what it means to be a woman, what it means to own your femininity and who you are and who you want to be. I'm still in the middle of that. I definitely did relate to [Aimee] when I was in high school though. I was the extroverted version of her."

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However, Shai admitted her first kiss was not sweet and awkward like Aimee's.

"My first kiss was just awkward as hell," she said with a laugh. "I had no idea what I was doing and he knew exactly what he was doing, so it was awkward for me. You have to nurture your inner child and forgive yourself when you think back on things like that because it's okay!"

Wonder what type of guy knew "exactly what he was doing" during his first kiss? Enter Miles Teller.

"I remember in 5th grade feeling like I was pretty cool," Teller recalled. "'Titanic' came out when I was in 5th grade, that was my jam. I had my first serious girlfriend in 5th grade, I was making out. My first kiss I felt very cool and confident. I remember it feeling way different than I thought it would though."

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Clearly Miles has some Sutter Keely in him.

"I think that's why I bombed my first two auditions," he said. "I usually audition really well, but I think I was trying to play Sutter — in my mind, I had this idea of Sutter instead of being like you were Sutter in high school … just with supportive parents and I graduated. I would hang out with Sutter, I just wouldn't let him drive me around."

"The Spectacular Now" is in select theaters now, opening nationwide this weekend. For much more from the cast, check out our exclusive inside look above. (Hint: if you enjoyed "(500) Days of Summer" then this is the film for you!)

See Woodley, Teller and more at the 'The Spectacular Now' A24 screening: