Sandra Bullock Reveals the Big Role She Lost to J.Lo

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This weekend's big-screen space drama "Gravity" marks the first time Sandra Bullock and George Clooney have been in the same movie.

But, if things had shaken out a little differently, they would have collaborated much, much sooner.

"I don't think we ever said, 'Oh, we have to work [together]," Bullock tells Yahoo Movies of her co-star and longtime friend, before revealing that she and Clooney were thisclose to doing a Steven Soderbergh movie together back in the '90s.

"I went years ago — I had a meeting with them for 'Out of Sight,'" Bullock recalls.

Indeed, Bullock got first crack at the role of Deputy U.S. Marshal Karen Sisco. She read with Clooney and everything. Soderbergh made note of their "great chemistry," but decided it was wrong for the film.

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And even though the studio was pulling for Bullock — who was then, and continues to be, a box-office draw — Soderbergh got his way, and cast then-rising actress Jennifer Lopez.

It was a mere bump in the road of Bullock and Clooney's mutual platonic love — which now spans four decades. "They didn't want me for the film and I was all, 'Oh, our friendship is so over,'" Bullock recalls with a laugh. "It obviously wasn't over."

"Out of Sight" went on to be a critical success, picked up two Oscar nominations, and launched Clooney's career in a whole new direction (following his much-reviled turn as Batman — a role he himself has publicly griped about).

As for Lopez, the former Fly Girl was the film's breakout star. Critics called her chemistry with Clooney "sizzling," paving the way for bigger opportunities in films like "The Cell" (2000) and "The Wedding Planner" (2001). Her budding music career also got a big boost.

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But don't feel sorry for Sandy. She was doing quite well for herself back then, starring in three major movies the same year "Out of Sight" came out: "Hope Floats," "Practical Magic," and the animated "The Prince of Egypt." And, yes, all of those films easily topped "Out of Sight" at the U.S. box office.

Now that Clooney and Bullock have three Oscars between them and an upcoming film, it's clear they put the "Out of Sight" situation way behind them.

"Gravity" launches in theaters this Friday.

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