The Rock Offered ‘Transformers 4′ Before Mark Wahlberg

Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock in 'Pain & Gain'
Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock in 'Pain & Gain'

With all the hubbub over Mark Wahlberg taking over the mantle to star in "Tranformers 4," you'd think he was director Michael Bay's first choice.

Think again.

Wahlberg's "Pain & Gain" co-star Dwayne Johnson aka the Rock confirmed he was Bay's first choice over Twitter when he answered a fan question:

Oh Dwayne, a coy one you are. When we spoke to you in Miami you said Wahlberg beat you out for the part. Now that we know the truth, it does appear Wahlberg and the Rock alluded to the facts. (Watch the T4 conversation start at 1:49-in below.) Wahlberg did say after all, "He's a very busy guy" in reference to the Rock's lack of T4 participation.

Watch Mark Wahlberg, the Rock, and Michael Bay Discuss 'Transformers 4'

Bay also revealed to Yahoo! Movies that Wahlberg plays a dad in the upcoming "Transformers" flick. He also said recently that he redesigned the robots in the film -- both to give it an update but also to serve the story.

And the reason Bay signed on to No. 4? He didn't want a less experienced director to @#%^ it up.

His words, not ours.

The yet-to-be titled "Transformers" sequel is due in theaters June 27, 2014.
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