Richelle Mead Shares Exclusive Pics from ‘Vampire Academy’ Set

We can't even imagine what it must be like to create a whole supernatural world, publish a series of books about it, and then see it in real life. But such was the case for Richelle Mead when she stepped onto the set of "Vampire Academy" in London earlier this year.

After six books in the bestselling series, the author knows the characters backwards and forwards. So what would meeting Zoey Deutch and the rest of the actors who would be playing them be like?

"The cast was so friendly and outgoing, and within 15 minutes of me arriving, nearly all of them stopped by to say hello and introduce themselves," Mead said as she described the photos from her visit which she shared with Yahoo Movies exclusively. "The picture of me with Zoey and Cameron [Monaghan] was taken on the first day of my set visit. They were filming in a university lecture hall, and I got to take a seat right there with the students."

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"The day she came, we were shooting this scene with everybody in the cast," Deutch, who plays the main character, Rose Hathaway, told us during New York Comic-Con. "When I met her, I was so shocked by how unbelievably beautiful she is. I just embarrassed myself. I kept talking and she's very composed and slightly quiet, so when that happens for me, I spiral out of control. Luckily, I recently got to go to dinner with her and hopefully prove that I'm not as much of a freak as she thought I was."

One of the other highlights of Mead's visit to the set was getting her own official canvas producer's chair.

"[This] photo was taken on the last day of my two-day visit," she recalled. "I didn't actually believe they'd have a chair for me since my visit was so short, but they did!"

Of course, they weren't all totally ready to whip out the coveted seat.

"It took a fair amount of searching for it (and all the other cast chairs) because the crew moved around filming that day and kept taking the chairs with them," she explained. "Finding this reward at the end of our 'scavenger hunt' was definitely worth it though."

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"The first thing I asked [Richelle] was what it was like … to see your imagination made physical and real," star Lucy Fry, who plays Rose's BFF, Lissa, told Yahoo Movies during New York Comic-Con. "She said that the main difference was that everything was so much grander.

"I think she was quite overwhelmed on her day on set to see that everything had come to life and see everyone standing in front of her."

"Vampire Academy" arrives in movie theaters on February 14, 2014.

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