Proof Hollywood has no new ideas (at least when it comes to action film posters)

Movie posters that look similar
Movie posters that look similar

One man stands upon an apocalyptic scene.


An ever-so-observant Twitter user has pointed out laughable similarities among recent film posters -- some for movies that aren't yet in theaters.

The tweeter -- who wishes to remain anonymous -- posted a link to the above poster compilation on Thursday along with the note, "Time for a new movie poster - get that guy on the line- you know- the poster guy" [via SlashFilm]. (The "After Earth" poster is not Sony's final official version, Yahoo! Movies has confirmed. But yeah, the studio did release it.)

The only poster lacking the aforementioned "one man" is the one from "The Dark Knight Rises." But as it appears in the above collection (top, second from left), you can see how its depiction of crumbling high rise buildings falls right into place. Moreover, the Batman symbol cutout puts forth the same idea as the rest of the posters, which is this: Can this one man save a civilization?

Yes everyone, in Hollywood, the fate of our cities, countries, the world and the universe itself rests upon the savvy, the bravery, the cojones of Just. One. Dude. In "Oblivion" it's Tom Cruise. In "Inception" it's Leonardo DiCaprio. And so on.

To the Yahoo! users who often comment that Hollywood lacks original ideas (and you know who you are!) -- this is proof you are right. At least this time.

The posters depicted above come from the following studios (clockwise): Columbia Pictures, Warner Bros., Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures, Sony Pictures Classics, Universal Pictures, Warner Bros., Universal Pictures

Watch 'After Earth' Teaser Trailer:

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