The New Power Couple: Superman and Wonder Woman

Scandal in Metropolis! Superman and Wonder Woman are canoodling on the cover of an upcoming "Justice League" comic. No word on what flavor of Ben and Jerry's Lois Lane was gorging on.

Now we have to get a little geeky here to explain what's going on. DC Comics, the publisher of Superman and Wonder Woman, recently relaunched all their comics, calling them The New 52. This is the 12th issue of a reboot for The Justice League, kind of DC's version of "The Avengers."

Loyal readers might have suspected something like this was coming. As Entertainment Weekly points out, Superman and Wonder Woman have been getting all flirty in recent issues of the new comic. Apparently, they just couldn't fight the feeling anymore.

And this isn't going to be some lame one-off where in the next issue Superman wakes up from a dream and he's still dating Lois Lane. EW quotes writer Geoff Johns: "This is the new status quo," says Johns. He added that the new power couple's relationship will have a big effect on the rest of the DC Universe.

While some folks may be outraged at the idea of Superman and Wonder Woman smooching this isn't the first time they've taken their relationship to a higher plane. In the Batman-centric "The Dark Knight Strikes Again," Superman and Wonder Woman have a daughter named Lara (aka Supergirl) together.

Many EW commenters believe Batman and Wonder Woman would make a better couple, but we think Superman is a good match. These two need a partner who understands what it's like to save the world over and over again. Plus their outfits compliment each other so well.

Watch the teaser trailer for "Man of Steel":