Nicolas Cage is in EVERYTHING

Sylvester Stallone has pronounced Nicolas Cage the next in a growing line of aging action stars to appear in his "Expendables" series. "The Expendables 3" to be exact.

(Yahoo! Movies reached out to Cage's publicist and agent to confirm his role in "The Expendables 3," but neither replied in time for the publication of this article.)

11/6 UPDATE: Stallone tells Deadline reports that Cage has signed on to "Expendables" are false.

If that isn't enough to get you into a Cage rage-inspired tizzy, just know that the 48-year-old Oscar winner is in the midst of a full-on acting binge -- seemingly accepting every role that crosses his path, including sequels to well known Cage flicks "Kick-Ass" and "National Treasure."

Counting "Expendables," Cage is reported to be appearing in twelve films over the next two or so years. He is also rumored to be in two other upcoming films that have yet to start filming.

With so many projects in his wake and in the pipeline, one wonders if Cage now has a doppelganger to help him complete all the work. Sure, the Oscar-winning actor has the onscreen emotive power of five thespians -- maybe even ten -- but that doesn't mean he can be in two, even three places at once.

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One theory behind Cage's addiction to over-acting -- in more ways than one, now! -- is money woes. The actor paid $6.25 million he owed the IRS earlier this year, cutting his total debt in taxes by about half. (Yes, it appears he still hasn't paid his remaining debt of more than $7 million.) Cage is also known for strange, Michael Jackson-like spending habits: He owns exotic pets, 15 homes (two of which he lost in foreclosure), a Caribbean island, a dinosaur skull -- which he reportedly won in a bidding war with Leonardo DiCaprio -- and dozens of cars.

Another theory: It's Nicolas flipping Cage. He can overbook himself if he wants to!

Here is the list of all 14 films Cage is currently attached to (most in which he stars):

"National Treasure 3" (confirmed, no release date yet)
"The Expendables 3" (according to Sly Stallone, no release date yet)
"I Am Wrath" (rumored, 2014)
"Left Behind" (confirmed, 2014)
"Tokarev" (rumored, 2013)
"Joe" (confirmed, 2013)
"Outcast" (confirmed, 2013)
"Wild Side" (confirmed, 2013)
"Marble City" (confirmed, 2012)
"Frank or Francis" (confirmed, no release date yet)
"Kick-Ass 2" (confirmed, 2013)
"The Croods" (confirmed & completed, 2013)
"The Frozen Ground" (confirmed & completed, 2013)
"Stolen" (opening in India this Friday)

Watch Nicolas Cage in 'Stolen':
Clip: Listen To Me Clip: Vincent

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