MTV Movie Awards’ top three moments

The 2012 MTV Movie Awards were light on the memorable moments, but we managed to gather three bits worthy of the water cooler on Monday morning.

'Magic Mike' star heats things up with a surprise appearance

Matthew McConaughey and Channing Tatum, stars of the upcoming stripper flick "Magic Mike," presented the MTV Movie Award for "Best Transformation." The Golden Popcorn went to Elizabeth Banks for her unrecognizable turn in "The Hunger Games."

But that was quickly forgotten when "True Blood" hunk Joe Manganiello, who plays a provocatively named exotic dancer in the flick, walked out from behind stage dressed as a shirtless fireman. The risqué move got big laughs from the crowd and Banks clearly enjoyed the attention. Manganiello then carried her off the stage in his arms. Winning has its privileges.

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Will somebody please kiss Kristen Stewart?

The star of "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1" won the MTV Movie Award for Best Kiss along with Robert Pattinson. Alas, Rob wasn't there to accept. So, there was Ms. Stewart up on stage with nobody to smooch in celebration.

She called out for "her Huntsman" -- "Snow White" costar Chris Hemsworth -- but he didn't answer the call. She then called for Charlize Theron, who plays the evil queen, but she didn't appear either. She even tried seeking a little help from Taylor Lautner. In the end, she turned around and pretended to make out with herself.

Stewart later returned to the stage, this time with Lautner in tow, to accept the evening's final award for Best Movie.

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Charlize Theron "knocks out" Michael Fassbender

Don't mess with Charlize Theron. Because if you do, she'll pretend to knock you out in front of millions of people. The Oscar-winning actress was presenting the award for "Best Fight" along with her "Prometheus" costar Michael Fassbender. Fassbender cracked a few jokes about how he should do the talking about fight scenes because he's a dude.

Theron, acting as if she wasn't amused, proceeded to pretend to punch and kick the snot out of Fassbender, who laid across the stage like he was knocked the heck out. Of course, if you've seen "Haywire" you know Fassbender has a history of getting beaten up by women.

The only thing that could have made the bit better: if Theron had done it to host Russell Brand. Oh, well. There's always the after party...

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