New ‘Prometheus’ video: Michael Fassbender is a convincing robot

The question on everyone's mind is will Ridley Scott's prequel to "Alien" do justice to the 1979 sci-fi classic starring Sigourney Weaver? (Note: Scott has shied away from using the term "prequel" to describe "Prometheus" but has instead admitted that both films take place in the "same universe.")

The shoes that need to be filled are enormous, but a new video for the film (below), designed to become viral, proves promising. To riff off of a line in the video: What is it about Michael Fassbender's David that makes him so robotic?... Everything, in my opinion, from his pale appearance to his emotionally-void sensibility. That's what.

Incidentally, this is the second viral video released by 20th Century Fox. The first one featured Guy Pearce giving a talk at a Technology Entertainment Design (TED) conference on behalf of Weyland Industries—the company depicted in the "Alien" films.

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Fassbender plays an earlier version of android Ash that was depicted in the original "Alien" (played by Ian Holm). Like Holm's character, David is designed to fit in with coworkers, posing as a human. The undetected android, as Fassbender recites, is built to be "almost indistinguishable from mankind itself."

While the action-packed sequel "Aliens" (1986) went on to be wildly successful, it was directed by James Cameron—not Scott. The remaining franchise has a rocky history, if not a failing one. But with Scott back in the helm, "Prometheus" promises to take on more of the look and feel of the suspenseful, psychologically-thrilling original.

"Prometheus" also stars Charlize Theron, Noomi Rapace and Idris Elba.

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