Melissa Joan Hart’s Kickstarter Fail

Melissa Joan Hart's Kickstarter campaign video
Melissa Joan Hart's Kickstarter campaign video

In an apparent attempt to break away from her typical television movie fare, Melissa Joan Hart took to Kickstarter to fund a Rom-Com with which she simply "fell in love!" … And Kickstarter kicked back.

Called "Darci's Walk of Shame," the film was to revolve around a thirty something single girl who engages in an obstacle-filled walk following a one-night stand while trying not to get caught by her family. (Yeah, we can't say we're too excited about that idea either.)

Like the title of the film she attempted to back, Hart is doing her own walk of shame and walking away from her online campaign altogether. The 37-year-old actress and mother of three has cancelled her Kickstarter bid for $2 million after only raising $51,605 – a small fraction of her goal.

It took Hart a month before deciding to fold up shop on her project – one that proved to be much slower going than recent Kickstarter successes like ones from the "Veronica Mars" team and Zach Braff.

Hart's crowdfunding fail serves as a cautionary tale to other celebrities who are thinking of following suit. We noticed Michelle Rodriguez admiring the celebrity Kickstarter method on Twitter.

Watch out, Michelle! Hart proved you need more than just a name to get backers.

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