Mark Wahlberg Back in His Calvin Kleins for ‘Pain & Gain’

Mark Wahlberg in his Calvin Klein underwear

Yo, it's about that time to bring forth the … Calvin Kleins!

If you're yearning for Mark Wahlberg's earlier days when he danced and rhymed to "Good Vibrations" as Marky Mark while in his CK underwear, you're in for a treat with "Pain & Gain."

Wahlberg, who famously appeared on billboards and in magazines wearing nothing more than his Calvin Klein boxer briefs in the 1990s, reluctantly obliged director Michael Bay's request to pay homage to that period during his rise to fame.

"I resisted. He persisted. And so we ended up doing it," the 41-year-old actor and former rapper told Yahoo! Movies.

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"I said, 'You're gonna wear these Calvin Kleins,'" Bay recalled. "And he's like, 'Dude, they screwed me,'" the director said of Wahlberg's protests. "I said, 'Those were the hot underwear back then,'" Bay further reasoned with the actor.

Without spoiling the film, about physical fitness trainers who wind up committing some spectacular and horrible crimes, Wahlberg winks to his Marky Mark days in one scene. And yes, he's wearing his Calvins.

More than 20 years later, Wahlberg still looks sexy in the underwear. And ripped.

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"Pain & Gain" is based on real events that occurred in Miami in the '90s, and Bay took advantage of the era, dressing his actors up in ridiculous outfits of the decade. Anthony Mackie appeared to bear the brunt of the fashion faux pas, at one point sporting a striped leotard.

"He insisted to wear all that stuff. He's crazy," Wahlberg said of Mackie. "He would go to wardrobe fittings, and all he demanded was onesies and spandex."

"I'm a huge Eddie Murphy fan," Mackie said, revealing that he fashioned his weightlifting leotard after one of Murphy's "Nutty Professor" costumes.

Rob Corddry, who also appears in the film, joked, "That's why I wanted to wear that red leather 'Raw' jacket." Corddry, however, mistook Murphy's red "Delirious" standup costume for his "Raw" one (which was purple). Busted, Rob!

"Pain & Gain" starts dressing up in theaters this weekend.

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