New ‘Lincoln’ TV spot shows the President’s passion

In this new television spot for Steven Spielberg's "Lincoln," Daniel Day-Lewis is seen as the Civil War-era president doing ideological battle with his advisers.

The film focuses on the last few remaining months of Lincoln's life in which he had to use both his rhetorical genius and sheer grit to get the 13th Amendment passed in order to abolish slavery.

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The trailer seems to set up Tommy Lee Jones as the film's main villain who says, "Never trusted the President. Never trusted anyone." Jones plays one of America's most powerful congressmen of his time -- Thaddeus Stevens. And it will be quite interesting to see how his role plays out since he is known historically as being a major ally to Lincoln.

What's also interesting is the spot's intro -- flashing to still images of historical events and figures from different eras. An aerial shot of a modern Washington D.C. is seen along with flashes of Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela and even Gandhi -- seemingly used to denote Lincoln's sweeping influence. The spot ran for the first time directly following Wednesday night's presidential debate between Obama and Romney.

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There has been a lot of talk, including speculation, about how Day-Lewis was on set -- known for his sometimes extreme method acting style. Co-star David Oyelowo, who plays Union Army soldier Ira Clark, offered some recent insight [via]: "Literally, acting with [Day-Lewis] is like going in a time machine. I literally felt like now I'm in 1865 looking at Abraham Lincoln. That's hard to do. That's a very rare quality for an actor to have, but he is definitely one of the few ones who can do that."

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'Lincoln' Theatrical Trailer

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