Lego Marvel Super Heroes Snap Together in Exclusive Game Trailer

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes
LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

You've been watching them save the world in comics, on television, and in the movies over the years. Now you can help them as they square off against world-class villains… after they've been transformed into little blocky guys. And unlike the movies, you get to see all your favorites together at once.

The heroes of the Marvel Universe are joining forces with the world of Legos and coming to a gaming system near you with Lego Marvel Super Heroes, a new video game that will be released this fall. A trailer for the game has been released, and judging the thirty-five seconds on display, the game does a great version of making the characters look cute and heroic at the same time.

Watch the exclusive spot for Lego Marvel Super Heroes:

In the preview, a massive explosion bursts forth, and through a hail of little plastic blocks swings Spider-Man, with the traditional Lego cylindrical head and clampy hands. Next Thor drifts into view, hammer held high, and Wolverine is scowling impressively moments later. Then amidst a haze of green, we see the Hulk, clearly ready to do some clobbering.

And as Iron Man flies in, the assembled heroes gather (which also includes Captain America, Black Widow, and Deadpool) as a very large shadow falls over the assembled heroes. Finally, in typical snarky style, Tony Stark lifts his helmet's visor and says, "We're going to need a bigger team." Which presumably means he's inviting everyone to pick up their controllers and join the fight.

The amazing, mighty, and uncanny Marvel characters will be squaring off against a handful of villains -- unnamed at this point, but that looks a lot like the shadow of Galactus looming over the heroes. The new game promises the sort of excitement people have come to expect from the popular Lego game series and will feature more than one hundred figures from the Marvel universe. And since its a game and not a movie, it is able to bring together characters that you can't see on the big screen together. Since Sony has the rights to Spider-Man, and Fox has the X-Men, the only way you'll see them alongside the Avengers is in game form.

As Lego drums up excitement for Lego Marvel Super Heroes, various retailers (including Walmart, GameStop, and Amazon) are offering discounts and special premiums for those who order in advance of the release date in the fall. The game will be available for most major platforms, including Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, Wii U, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation, Vita, and PC.

With plenty of Marvel heroes dominating the screen over the next few years (beginning with the upcoming release of "Iron Man 3"), the characters in Lego Marvel Super Heroes will be getting lots of exposure, but the difference here is, in this game they're cute and they kick butt. That's big business.