Jennifer Lawrence Reveals Top ‘Hunger Games’ Hazards: Trips and Tridents

You've seen the GIFs — Jennifer Lawrence makes a crazy face. Jennifer Lawrence meets another of her favorite fellow stars. Jennifer Lawrence makes another crazy face — they pretty much rule Tumblr.

So, as should obviously be the case, Jennifer Lawrence turned up at Yahoo HQ in Sunnyvale, California – newly shorn locks and all – and took her rightful seat at the throne as CEO Marissa Mayer grilled her, along with "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" director Francis Lawrence, in a special Fireside Chat Tumblr Ask. Naturally, the first fan question asked the 23-year-old starlet if she was aware that she was "pretty much the Queen of Tumblr."

"No, I didn't!" she admitted. "I will do that later. I'm kidding. I won't -- that's not good for me." Always so humble, that one.

Of course, the banter between the two blond beauties and the filmmaker took a few more serious turns, especially when it came to deciding whether the wedding dress Katniss wears in "Catching Fire" or that infamous Oscars dress was more uncomfortable to walk in.

"I fell in both, so I can't really decide," Jennifer confessed. "[With] the wedding dress, I had to pee in a bucket, so that was overall the least convenient one. I think my wedding dress was a the most uncomfortable."

Yep, Jennifer was just as much of a klutz on the set of "Catching Fire" as she was as she accepted her trophy for Best Actress at the Academy Awards. "Catching Fire" costume designer Trish Summerville told Yahoo Movies recently that she received a text message from the star on Oscars night ... thanking her for the practice.

She also confessed to her biggest "Catching Fire" faux pas. While battling CGI monkey creatures, she felt a stinging sensation on her butt. "You thought it was a prehistoric insect," quipped director Francis Lawrence. But it was not bug.

"It was the tip of [co-star] Sam [Claflin]'s trident," Jennifer revealed. Ouch.

"The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" opens in theaters on Nov. 22.