Jennifer Lawrence’s Moving Exchange With Emotional Fan

Warning: Open weeping may ensue if you watch this video.

When Jennifer Lawrence greeted a fan at the London premiere for "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" on Monday, the Internet took notice.

The 23-year-old Oscar winner halted her duties as the evening's red carpet megastar to spend some quality time with an emotional fan.

Jennifer Lawrence and fan on Monday in London
Jennifer Lawrence and fan on Monday in London

Here's how it went down:

A young woman was seeing crying as JLaw walked past her on the "Catching Fire" carpet. When JLaw saw the aforementioned fan, she stopped, crossed the red carpet barrier, and chatted with the fan — who continued to be moved to tears.

Lawrence posed for a pic with the young woman and the two hugged.

While we don't know exactly what was said, the exchange was wrought with sincerity as Lawrence took extra care to be gracious and warm.

"The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" enters theaters on Friday, Nov. 22.

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