James Bonds pitted against each other in viral video

We all know James Bond is unkillable. He's survived explosions, deadly top hats, a henchman with metal teeth, and high-powered lasers aimed directly at his nether regions. The only person who could possibly put 007 out of commission is, well, another 007.

So, what happens when Sean Connery's Bond faces Daniel Craig's? What about Roger Moore versus Pierce Brosnan?

Video editor Brad Hansen answers those questions by seamlessly splicing together clips from various Bond adventures. All 007s participate in a multi-round duel to the death (yes, even Lazenby). Who gets the better of whom? Watch and find out.

Bond's latest flick, "Skyfall," will hit theaters on November 9.

Watch clips from "Skyfall":

"Skyfall" Clip: Quartermaster "Skyfall" Clip: Take the Shot