‘Iron Man 3′ Post-Credit Scene Breakdown

If you didn't stick around for the post-credit scene in "Iron Man 3," go back to the theater right now and remedy that mistake.

Okay, welcome back!

Now, are you ready to talk about that scene? Cause we sure are! But don't fret; we'll kindly do so after the break, so as not to spoil anything for those scrolling our Movie Talk blog.


You've been warned.

Besides one of the two in "The Avengers," all of Marvel's previous post-credit scenes have teased future movies in some way. Because of this, there's been rampant speculation about what "Phase 2" (or even "Phase 3") title they might tease in "Iron Man 3".

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Many hypothesized we'd see a "Guardians of the Galaxy" sighting, as that film is due out late next summer. Some thought "Ant-Man," slated for November 2015, would be perfect for a preview, even though it hasn't even been cast yet.

Alas, "Iron Man 3" offers no such preview.

What we do get is another funny relationship moment, much like the famous schwarma-eating scene in "The Avengers," when the team grubs down after the Battle of New York.

After the credits in "Iron Man 3," we see Tony (Robert Downey, Jr.) on a couch, supposedly telling his woes to a shrink. As we pan out, we see Dr. Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo), aka The Hulk, nodding off.

When Tony yells at the good doctor to wake up, Banner replies, "You know, I'm not that kind of doctor."

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What's really nice about the scene is that it actually ties together the movie we just watched, because we finally understand why Tony Stark has been narrating this tale in the first place.

While doing press for "Iron Man 3," Marvel President Kevin Feige revealed to Collider how the Easter egg after-credit scene ultimately came about: "We had an idea of that particular Easter egg, but frankly, hadn't cracked it. Mr. Downey helped us crack it."

While it might not be a tease, so to say, it is nice to know that The Hulk and Iron Man are hanging out together. Because we certainly know they'll be hanging tough when "The Avengers 2" opens in May 2015.

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