‘The Host’ creators discuss well-intentioned aliens and star Saoirse Ronan

Stephenie Meyer, writer of the wildly popular "Twilight" book and movie series, is breaking out of her vampire coffin and moving onto another creature-based, big-screen tale. This time, the story involves aliens. Nice aliens.

Meyer co-wrote the upcoming sci-fi thriller "The Host," based on her book of the same name. Her co-writer is also the film's director, Andrew Niccol, whose credits include "Gattaca" (1997, director) and "The Truman Show" (1998, writer).

Meyer, who doesn't give many press interviews, sat down with Yahoo! Movies, along with Niccol, during our recent visit to Comic-Con in San Diego, CA, to talk about the film."[It's] so exciting. It gives you something else to look forward to," Meyer said of transitioning from the "Twilight" film franchise to "The Host" -- which lands in theaters in spring of next year. "[This is the] first time in this genre you could argue that the aliens are the good guys," Meyers pointed out.

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"The Host" stars Saoirse Ronan ("The Lovely Bones," 2009, "Hanna," 2011) as Melanie Stryder, one of the only true humans left on an Earth that is being taken over by aliens who inhabit people's bodies. Casting Ronan, Meyer said, "was everything... It all depended on having an actress who could do anything and be brilliant." It was so essential because, as Niccol pointed out, the part consists of two different roles utilizing two different American accents. And Ronan is Irish. "I think she's one of the most truthful actors on screen today," Niccol boasted.

Meyer is in famous female company when it comes to writing about Vampires -- namely Anne Rice. But a woman-written alien tale is a much rarer thing to invade our popular culture. "Every story has been told in some form, it's just how you put it together," Meyer said, adding that she will always reflect the human and personal side of whatever fantasy world she depicts.

"The Host" also stars Diane Kruger, William Hurt and Jake Abel.

See more of what Meyer and Niccol had to say about 'The Host':

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