Fans react to James Bond drinking beer

Not shaken, not stirred: James Bond will be drinking beer—not his signature martini—in a scene in the next big-screen 007 installment starring Daniel Craig.

As part of a global ad campaign, Craig will be throwing back a Heineken in the upcoming "Skyfall" as well as on globally-run television spots, according to an Ad Age report.

Yahoo! Movies reached out to its audience to gauge reaction to Bond's Heiney. And it is news the Dutch beer company may want to sit down for:

"D**** you, Product Placement," Doug wrote on Twitter in response to our update on @YahooMovies. Davey C simply tweeted "Screw 'em." Dave Yakir echoed thoughts with a "what a load of crap" tweet, and Keith Williams typed, "Booooo!!!"

[Photo: 'Skyfall' movie stills]

It is worth noting this is not the first time Bond has bucked tradition. In 1995's "Goldeneye," Bond (then played by Pierce Brosnan) ditched his Aston Martin for a BMW. Avid fans took issue with the iconic character trading his British car for a German one. The problem was corrected for "Casino Royale" (2006) when Bond (played by Craig) returned to his Aston Martin roots.

CORRECTION: Bond revisited driving an Aston Martin—a Vanquish—in "Die Another Day" in 2002, starring Pierce Brosnan.

The beer jeers got more detailed on Facebook with an overwhelmingly negative response in the comments area—though the update was also met with dozens of likes—which is, admittedly, open to interpretation. "SACRILIGE!" (sic) wrote Joshua Mallet, emphatically in all caps. David Newman, apparently deflated by the news, wrote, "Ugh".

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Also on Facebook, Lindsay Fletcher deftly pointed out that Bond now being blonde is another departure from tradition. "…I miss Connery and Moore," she added of the former brunette Bonds.

"Skyfall," set to release in early November, pits M against 007 as her loyalty to him is tested. MI6 headquarters becomes the target of an attack and only 007 can thwart it—but he may have to pay a hefty price to do so.

Watch a featurette for 'Skyfall':