Exclusive ‘Vampire Academy’ Motion Poster Will Stake You For Sure

Comic-Con might be over, but the sweet poster reveals march on. This one should satisfy your blood lust for at least a little while.

Those gorgeous red drips mean it's time to enroll in "Vampire Academy," people.

Vampire Academy
Vampire Academy

Okay, so the motion poster says registration doesn't begin until 2014 – the adaptation of the first book Richelle Mead's bestselling young adult series hits theaters on February 14, to be exact – but it's also urging you to "prepare to be tested."

This can only mean one thing … and it's not to start sharpening your No. 2 pencils. After all, the students at St. Vladimir's Academy aren't just filling in Scantron sheets and writing essays – they're kicking major ass.

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The movie, directed by "Mean Girls" helmer Mark Waters, follows Rose (Zoey Deutch, "Beautiful Creatures") a half-human, half-vampire who must protect a Moroi vampire, which are basically like vampire royalty. She and the peaceful bloodsucker she's sworn to protect, her BFF Lissa Dragomir (Lucy Fry), have been caught and forced to return to the school they once fled, where they face demons both literal and figurative – think "Mean Girls" for vampires – as well as a hot mentor Dimitri (Russian actor Danila Kozlovsky).

And before you go rolling your eyes and crying "Bella Swan," know this: Rose is hardcore. Kinda like this bloody great poster.

"This is not a cutesy movie," Mead tells Yahoo! Movies. "You're going to laugh at things you probably think you shouldn't laugh at and you're going to be gripping your seat for the action. It's a big world and the moviemakers made it even bigger."

Classes begin at "Vampire Academy" on Valentine's Day next year.